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Christopher Heights of Belchertown

Located in the beautiful Carriage Grove neighborhood...

A mixed-use community that features walking paths, a common green, and is adjacent to the senior center. Residents of Christopher Heights of Belchertown also enjoy a nearby downtown with a town common along with many parks and scenic venues to explore.

Millie-100thBirthdayAmelia "Millie" Dominik celebrates 100th birthday

BELCHERTOWN – "Millie" celebrated her 100th birthday last week at Christopher Heights of Belchertown -Read the full story on Page 1 here.



A close-knit community

Residents and staff each bring with them their own experiences and talents, which are recognized and often incorporated into our social activities and programs. Residents find that Christopher Heights becomes home soon after moving in and that they have an extended group of family to share new experiences with.

An abundance of amenities

From chef-prepared meals to a 24-hour staff, Christopher Heights' amenities give you the flexibility to focus on the things that matter.


   Activities & Events

Residents can select from a wide variety of activities and events each month because we know that an enriched, meaningful life can be lived at any age. Our activities and events program offers daily opportunities for residents to express themselves creatively, learn new things, connect with nature, bond with others, have fun and stay fit.

Our Activities Director works to create a robust, customized calendar of events, so residents can continue to learn and grow in the ways best suited to their interests. If a resident has an idea for a new class or program, we collaborate with them in creating, developing and leading it.

Contact Information

   99 Front St, Belchertown, MA 01007

  (413) 323-5500

  (413) 370-9189

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